Claim: Simone Biles Wore $120 dress and shoes from amazon for courthouse wedding 

Source: Strong Gbana Pekin/Fries FM


Simone Biles wore a dress and shoe that cost $120 United States dollars, dress from a small online boutique and a pair of shoes from Amazon.

Full text: The girl in the picture is Simone Biles. As the most accomplished American gymnast, Simone is worth $ 16 million. She got married to Jonathan Owens, an American football star who is worth $7 million dollars. Simone bought her dress from Amazon for $120.00. She also bought her shoes from Amazon. Teetee from Zubah Town or Blamo from Tulsa Field, you don’t need to write the whole country to serve as a sponsor, chief patron, etc, when you people are getting married. Carry out cere… 

The post made by Strong Gbana Pekin attracted 330 reactions, 142 comments and 22 shares while the Fries FM post attracted 265 reactions and 104 comments respectively.

Verification: The information was posted by two blogs widely followed. TSM verify the worth of Simone Biles’s dress, shoes and the net worth of her spouse. 

TSM research finds that the blogs are correct about the cost of Simone Biles’s wedding dress and shoes. The gymnast, 26, and the football star, 27, officially became husband and wife on Saturday, April 22, 2023, exchanging their vows during an intimate ceremony held at a Texas courthouse while surrounded by their close friends and family.

Our search also established that the 27-year-old athlete has a net worth of $7 million, although there are some reports that his net worth goes up to $50 million. Back in 2020, he signed a two-year contract with the Texans with a value of $1,390,000. His annual salary stands at $695,000 while earning a base salary of $780,000. There is no information on endorsement deals being signed by the player as of right now.

Conclusion:  Before her civil wedding to NFL star Jonathan Owens, Biles claims she ordered her $120 dress and AMAZON shoes. The 26-year-old gymnast was dressed in a white outfit with low neckline and frills. She stated that she purchased the garment from a small online vendor days before for $120. She had to get a different pair of shoes because the ones she had bought on Amazon were uncomfortable.


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