The Supreme Court ordered the National Elections Commission (NEC) to hold a re-run of the representative election on October 10, 2023, in only two polling places: Precinct Code #27020 in Old Sodokan, District Number Two, Maryland County.

The Court stated that the NEC’s decision to dismiss Chambers’ claim without considering the problems brought about by the violence of traditional people during the voting process was unjust.

Even though the Supreme Court stated that the election was not held for District Number Two Maryland County alone, but for the Republic of Liberia, and that voters were to vote for all of the candidates and various positions, the court stated that there were nine candidates and that each political party would have had poll watchers. Chambers failed to produce any of these poll watchers to prove his claims of ballot stuffing.

The court did emphasize, however, that the danger of violence by traditional people to scare away voters posed a serious threat to the district elections, particularly in the two polling stations identified in Old Sodokan, where margins were low.

Simultaneously, the Supreme Court directed the NEC to set aside the results from other polling locations while the rerun is held at the two polling places.

Before the court’s ruling, the NEC pronounced Anthony Williams the victor of the election, but Chambers complained to the NEC in a letter dated October 23, 2023, claiming there was a discrepancy in the procedure, raising many charges.

The re-run was held, but Williams again ended Chambers’s 18-year-old representative bid.

Williams is now certified as the new representative of the district.

See what we gather from the October 2023 first election result versus the re-run in 2024, January


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