Full Text: On February 7, a blog called Woocho Memes posted that the Liberian mother, Ma Nancy, who is purportedly the biological mother of Ivorian footballer Franck Kessie and his brother, had reconnected after several years.

Breaking News!! Franck Kessie finally got in contact with his mom via telephone and he’s currently arranging her flight ticket to fly to Ivory Coast over the weekend. The old woman herself went to Julius Jeh at Ok FM to thank him for reuniting her and her son. What God can’t do doesn’t exist. Woocho Memes is here for you.”

The post had attracted 372 comments as of the time of review.

The story of Ma Nancy and Kessie was triggered in 2023 when she appeared on Okay FM with Fred and Jacob Dahn. The mother of eight claimed that she lost contact with two of her sons over two decades ago. 

According to Nancy, her world went apart when her children were taken away, and she has had trouble getting her family back together. 

Nancy disclosed that she asked the Ivorian Embassy in Liberia in 2021 and 2023 for assistance in finding her lost sons, but the embassy declined and informed her that her son Franck was an adult and, as such, there was nothing they could do.

 She told OK FM that upon reaching Abidjan in 2021 in search of her sons, she was abandoned without assistance or information regarding their whereabouts. 

Franck and his sibling are currently in Ivory Coast for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

Verification: The Stage Media contacted Jacob Dahn, the third son of Ma Nancy, who said their mother is still struggling to establish contact with their brothers, contrary to the post. Jacob confirms that, even though there is a plan to reconnect with Franck and Andy, their missing brothers, the report by the blog is incorrect.

A WhatsApp message was sent to Andy to establish the claim, but there has been no response from him. If he does, this article will be updated.

Conclusion: We found the post misleading based on our research. Franck Kessie, his sibling, and his mother have not reunited.


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