Claim: President Weah dropped New Song for Nimba

The National County Sports Meet is one of the events in Liberia that brings sports lovers together to support their various counties to victory.

Each year, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Liberia’s sporting body, organizes the one-year sports meet with different categories, including Kickball (women’s game), Basketball, and football games.

The Counties are arranged in stages, and the preliminary games are played in various counties at designated sports pitches.

Nimba County is one of the Counties that qualified from the group stage- a stage that allows teams to come to the capital city-Monrovia to play at the Samuel Kanyon Sports Complex in quarter-finals, Semifinals, and grand finals.

Nimba and Lofa Counties qualified from Group C of the Competition and played in the grand final.

But before the grand final, a song about Nimba’s victory started making rounds in Liberia, and the music had the name and photos of President George Weah claiming he sang the song.

The song was released a year ago, but recently, it has claimed attention because of the just-ended County Sports Meet.

The song was posted 11 months ago by LB online TV and has generated 5.7 thousand views.

Delicia Life and Travels also posted the song that attracted 18 thousand views a year ago.

After Sunday, January 15, 2023, the grand final between Nimba and Lofa Counties, the song was heard at various entertainment centers and played on radio stations.

The Stage Media-Liberia investigation established that Weah did not do the song. Instead, it was sung by Obediah Tokpah, a Nimba citizen living in Newcastle, Washington DC, USA.

Tokaph released the Nimba Victory song one year ago, but it went wide in the 2022 NCSM before the grand final between Nimba and Lofa.

He was screened live with De Licia Life N Travel when Tokpah pronounced that he was the song’s producer, not President  Weah. 

“I want people to know that I wrote and sang the song, I don’t think I have to put on a disclaimer for my song, the song was sang for the President, I want people to promote the song and to give me the credit that I deserved.”

screenshot of Obediah Tokpah

He called on those who posed the song to give him(Tokpah) credit instead of the president. 

Besides the Nimba County victory song, Tokpah has released other music such as Thank you, Jesus, Fight, Lone Star, When You Rush, You Will Crush, and so on.

Conclusion: Based on links to songs by Tokpah and a live video with De Licia Life N Travel, we conclude that Tokpah is the proper owner of the music, not the president. 

Another thing is that the song was not released this year but a year ago- 2022.  

By Mark N. Mengonfia   


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