Claim: Liberia women’s National Team will not participate in WAFU 2023 Women’s Cup in Cape Verde.

Verdict: True, Liberia will not participate in this year’s West African Football Union (WAFU) due to the lack of funds.

Full text:  Martin Kollie, an activist, posted Friday, January 13, that Liberia Women’s National Team will not participate in the WAFU 2023 Women’s Cup in Cape Verde. 

“Breaking News…Liberia Women’s National Team will not participate in WAFU 2023 Women’s Cup in Cape Verde. Why? No money💰. Y’all see how GMW wicked. He spent about $2 million to go and watch his American son. But no💰now.”

The West African Football Union WAFU was founded in 1975 with all the current members. Still, in 2011 the conference of African Football decided to split it into two zones, citing the organizational issues that face WAFU.

  • Zone A (Niger)
  • Zone B (Volta Niger)

It was the brainchild of the Senegal Football Federation, which requested that the nations belonging to CAF’s Zone A and B meet and hold a regular competitive tournament. 

The Union organizes several competitions, including the WAFU Nations Cup, and in 2008 they organized an under-20 championship.

The West African Football Union confirmed the hosting of the second edition of the WAFU  A Women’s Cup. 

The Tournament will be held in Cape Verde from January 20 to February 1, 2023. Nine countries should participate, including Cape Verde (host),  Senegal (holders), Sierra Leone,  Guinea,  Guinea Bissau, Gambia,  Mali, and Mauritania, but Liberia withdrew due to no finances. 

The post by Kollie attracted 234 reactions, 162 comments, and 44 shares, most likely from sports lovers.

Verification:  TSM contacted Sports Journalist Kolubah Zayzay, President of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia, who confirmed the information.

The  team will not participate in the Tournament because the government has said it only has money to support the National team and does not  have funds for all other groups, including the Liberia Women’s National Team.”

The pronouncement by the government raised concerns as female soccer stars took to social media to express their dissatisfaction.

“Annieta Tarpeh Writes: “I wish those hoping or planning to play for Liberia national team should stop thinking or dreaming about it because we get real Dream Killers in this Country. Sad!!”

Additionally, Olive B. Wolo was removed as captain for the post made by her concerning the Country’s withdrawal from the WAFU tournament and the disrespect she showed to our gaffer, Coach Thery B. Cole.

“We as a Club, Senior Female Professional FC, have distanced ourselves from any post made by Olive B. Wolo concerning the Female National Team withdrawal from the WAFU TOURNAMENT.

The former captain of the senior Female national team of Liberia, Bantu Jestina Wilson, also expressed disappointment in response to the Ministry of Youth and Sports withdrawal.

“I am really frustrated and 😢 hearing that the woman national team will not be part of the 2023 WAFU because there is no money in the first place the (MYS ) have never supported women football before so they should stop acting like they have always supported the female national team.”

TSM contacted the Public Relations Officer of the Liberia Football Association, and he said, “Thanks for sharing. The LFA will speak to that this week.

When the LFA responds, this article will be updated.

Conclusion: Indeed, Liberia will not participate in the competition after initially confirming its participation. The claim by Martin Kollie is True.

Note: We did not Fact-check the claim that President Weah spent US$ 2 million to go and watch his American son, but we did this article relative to the President’s travel.

By: Joyclyn Wea [email protected]


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