Claim: Websites offering free 50 GB internet plans amid the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Full Text: 

In the wake of the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, several websites offer free 50 GB data plans for all mobile networks to stream the World Cup matches without interruption. 

A few such websites include 50kg and zlqxt, and they can be seen here.

All these websites offering free 50 GB data plans in the wake of the FIFA World Cup 2022 are fraudulent. Clicking the link on these dubious websites redirects to a page asking users to provide mobile number details to check whether the provided mobile number is eligible for the offer. 

Further, upon providing the mobile number details, it redirects to a page asking users to share the registration link till the blue bar displayed on the website turns full. These websites do not provide any free data plans for people. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE. 

On clicking the link provided on these websites, it redirects the user to another page asking the user to give the mobile number details to check whether the user’s mobile number is eligible to receive and activate the free 50 GB data plan provided for three months.

Verification: This is one of many times such a scam link has gone viral on social media. Such claims have gone viral before as well.  TSM has fact-checked similar posts from time to time. Such links are created to cheat and collect readers’ personal information like phone numbers, e-mail IDs, and other information. TSM would like to tell readers that they should only click on such links if there is an antivirus on their devices.

We also spoke to Tarloe Yardanmah, IT and cyber security expert, who said that this post is made to get clickbait. As soon as someone clicks on this link, traffic is generated, and money is received. The link is entirely fake. Its purpose is to earn money only by generating traffic.

Conclusion: Beware, the post on social media claims that FIFA is giving free 50GB of data to watch World Cup football matches is  Fake. Don’t click on any such link.


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