Randall Dobayou
Randall Dobayou

False, Greenland Ice Sheet Didn’t Experience Its Biggest Single-day of Ice Loss in Recorded History In 2018

Claim: “On August 1st alone in 2018, the Greenland Ice Sheet experienced its biggest single-day of ice loss in recorded history. About 12.5 billion tons of ice melted and poured into the Atlantic Ocean, satellite data showed. One day earlier, over 10 billion tons of ice melted. With this, Sea level rise is inevitable. We were worried and still worried because of our vulnerability to sea erosion as the result of sea-level rise.”

Source – Facebook Randall Dobayou

Randall Dobayou

Fact Check: TSM verification finds that it was on August 1, 2019, that the Greenland Ice Sheet broke records by losing more water volume in 1 day than any other day since records began in 1950, shedding 12.5 billion tons of water into the sea. It was not on August 1, 2018, as mentioned by Liberia Environmental Protection Agency Deputy Executive Director Randall  Dobayou, II.

The record-breaking day came during a weeklong extreme melt event hitting Greenland due to soaring temperature and low snow accumulation over the winter. On August 2, 2019, over 10 billion tons of ice melted into the ocean, giving a foreseeable sea level rise. July 31 of the same year was the biggest surface melt day since at least 2012, with about 60 percent of the ice sheet seeing at least 1 millimetre of melt at the surface, and more than 10 billion tons of ice lost to the ocean from the surface melt according to data from the Polar Portal, a website run by Danish polar research institutions.

The data inserted in a post by the Liberia Environmental Protection Agency Deputy Executive Director is certain by the year of occurrence as mentioned by him is false.

Verdict: Misleading


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