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Claim: “The official results of NEC are on pink carbon sheets and not white sheets,” Martin Kollie posted.

Verdict: False, the official election’s result copy is not pink

Full Text: Martin Kollie, social media influencer and a supporter of the Unity Party presidential candidate Joseph Boakai posted on his social media page that the official result of the National Elections Commission (NEC) is on the pink Carbon copy.

Boakai contested in the October 10, polls that saw 20 presidential candidates vying to unseat current president George Weah.

We checked the claim by Kollie.

Verification: According to the National Elections Commission (NEC), the vote(s) cast for each candidate will be recorded on a five-page carbon copy document known as the Record of the Count.

A carbon copy document, or carbonic paper, also known as carbon paper, consists of sheets of paper that create one or more copies simultaneously with the creation of an original document.

Being a copy paper document, the information written on the original sheet will appear on the bottom four sheets, consisting of blue, pink, yellow, and green, with the original copy being white.

The white sheet of the count is placed in a temper-evident envelope (TEE). The tamper evident is a packaging designed to be easy to open but features a seal or wrap that is difficult to replace once it has been opened.

The blue sheet, which is the second copy, is placed in the ballot box. The pink, which is the third copy, is posted on the wall of the polling place for public viewing. The yellow sheet, which is the fourth of the Record of the Count, is given to the representative of the candidate who obtained the highest votes.

The fifth sheet, being the last and the green copy is given to the representative of the candidate who obtained the second highest votes.

As defined above by the NEC, the white sheet is the original of the Record of the Count, and it is taken from the TEE and copies are made for everyone present during the tallying.

Conclusion: The claim that NEC’s official result sheet is pink is False.


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