Claim: US$56,000.00 for Unity Party Observers missing

Verdict: Unproven 

Full text: Breaking news! Trouble in the Unity Party room, US$56,000.00 for observers across the country is missing. The information was posted two hours after polls had closed in some precincts.  

With 53K followers, the blog is believed to be run by a supporter of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

As of this check, the post had generated 179 reactions, 120 comments, and 25 shares.

Despite the overwhelming support for former Vice President Joseph Boakai’s presidency, the opposition Unity Party stated its resolve to protect its supporters’ votes, emphasizing that they are far from complacent.

In the just-ended election on Tuesday, October 10th, the Unity Party Boakai, is attempting to defeat incumbent President George Weah, who represents the ruling coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The opposition Unity Party’s standard bearer, Boakai, has acquired an early lead in the 2023 presidential race.

According to results from 6 polling sites in Bomi and Montserrado Counties, Boakai leads President George Weah.

According to the National Elections Commission, the UP candidate received 2543 votes from 13 of the 171 polling stations in Bomi County, accounting for 64.1 per cent of the votes cast, while President Weah of the ruling CDC received 1,134 votes, accounting for 28.54%.

In Montserrado County, out of a total of 1,243 votes cast at three voting locations, Boakai received 576 votes or 47.56%, and President Weah received 547 votes or 45.17 per cent.

Verification: Mohammed Ali, the current spokesperson of the campaign team of the Unity Party via telephone denied the claim adding that the claim is a “thrash”.

In addition to the comment by Mo Ali, we also note that this is an election era and there would be different incorrect information by politicians, influencers and people of interest in this process.

We contacted the blog to verify the claim, but there was no response. 

Conclusion: There is no evidence that US$56,000 for UP Observers is missing.


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