Claim: Raw Acrobatic talent displayed by a young Liberia girl on her porch                                                                                        

Verdict: False    

Full Text: Shine Liberia recently posted these photos of a teenage girl on their official Facebook page on Sunday, July 3 2022 claiming that she is a young Liberian girl displaying her raw acrobatic talent on her porch.

This post was reacted to by more than 1000 people and over 260 comments on Facebook and was also shared on other Facebook pages more than 110 times.

 This is False, a Stage Media Liberia research on these photos shows that the person in these photos is not a Liberian.

Her name is Vanny Bendy Agnes. She is a Nigerian teenage girl, with amazing acrobatic skills.

Shine Liberia Post on Female Acrobat


In a reverse image search for the photos circulating on social media, Yandex showed three other posts related to what was posted by Shine-Liberia.

It was uploaded on Opera News Nigeria with the caption; Nigerian Got Talent: See Amazing Pictures of This Talented Nigerian Girl and on this Twitter account Mr. Lekanadigun

Also, a Facebook page named Silvernet posted a similar image in 2020.

These photos were first published on social media on March 21, 2020.

Conclusion: Based on our research, the claim is FALSE. These photos in the post do not show any evidence that the girl identified as Vanny Bendy Agnes is from Liberia.


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