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Fa-Chek: Dis big hous na for President Weah


Tuk:  Dis big hous on Marshall Roe ay forh President Weah 

Decision: Da na True

De hoe storay: Dis few day on Thursday sombally pouh paychor forh one big, big, hous on intorneh and say de hous forh Presiden George Manneh Weah.

Dis k-ana tuk cam up afta one man Tiawon Gonglo who runnin to be president  teh Weah to show eryone  weh plae he geh money fron to bayh da big hous.

Gongloe say he doin dis thin becurh ay in de line wath de lurh da say peepo runnin gormen mon du-ay in a clear and cleen way. Gongloe say na only de president, borh de minister dem too. Da de way de big lurh booh say.

De peepo in de country geh reh to know weh tin urh deir leedas dem doin.

Dey senh dis particlar aroun 13 tam enh 43 peepo tuk abouh ayon faebooh

Fynnin de true: One computoh wek dey call Yandex, use de ollor syh of de paychor to chek.  Enh, ay show dah dyh kana big hous na even seh in Libeeroh here.

Da som hous design dey puoh on intone so peepo mon looka-ay enh if anybolly wonay,den dey can pouh in forh ay.. Dis paychor wor on intoneh fron sinh 2021,

Decsion: da na True,  dah hous na in Libeeroh, na forh Presiden Weah 

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