Pool of Suspended NPA MD Image Credit: Facebook post

Four days have elapsed since the death of a minor who reportedly drowned at suspended National Port Authority Managing Director Bill Twehway’s residence.

And the police are yet to provide the public with facts and circumstances leading to the incident.

The incident reportedly occurred Sunday, August 28, 20,22, at Twehway’s District number six residence in Paynesville.

Investigators from Zone -8 police depot immediately responded and took statements from all those in the space at the time of the said incident, according to Twehway.

Since the incident, TSM has made follow-ups with the Liberia National Police, particularly the communication session on the preliminary findings but to no avail.

Twehway recommended that we speak with the police because he could not provide further information about the incident.

Moses Carter, the Police spokesman, says updates on the investigation findings may be released to the public this Friday but failed to state the time.

On August 29, the suspended National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director confirmed the death of a minor in the swimming pool at his ELWA Residence in Paynesville.

Twehway told TSM Reporter that the child was less than two years and she had accompanied her mother to visit his wife, at which time she was left unattended to and made her way to the back of the house in a fence that housed the swimming pool where her body was later discovered.

“Contact the police; they will tell you what happened, whether it was an eight-year-old child, one year, and the rest of that; the police interviewed everybody there, and they (police) have the record.

Twehway further, “The child that got drown, the police know that he was less than two years and the mother had come to visit my wife and the child was left unattended to and went behind the house in the pool that is in a fence and got drown, so contact the police they will give you more.”

Meanwhile, Cllr. Lafayette Gould, a legal expert, says. However, it is the responsibility of the investigators to release findings after an investigation; it is prudent to remove preliminary results in a public-interest case.

“It is not a requirement to release findings during an investigation, but it is expedient to in m the public when investigating a case that the public has an interest in.”

Cllr. Gould said the police must feel obligated to the public, and updating the people makes them accountable.


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