Claim: Social Media posts have claimed that Candidate Wellington Geevon-Smith is now Senator-elect of Rivercess County following the conduct of a recount in the area.

#Wellington Geevon-Smith Son: “Congratulations to Wellington Geevon-Smith Senator-Elect Ricercess SEN 24 Confirmed Tally completed with 38 votes margin.”



#Wellington Geevon-Smith Son: “Wow Democracy at Work. Congratulations to Hon. Geevon-Smith. Ahead of announcing the official result by NEC in the recount. Steve Tequah just call Senator-Elect Wellington Geevon-Smith to congratulate him a few minutes ago on his victory as Senator of Rivercess County. Congrats Chief go and served your people’s boss man! SEN 24 Confirmed………………….”

The Stage Media was unable to further verify the claim as to whether candidate Tequah called to congratulate Smith.

Gabriel Sawah: Breaking News……. “Wellington Geevon-Smith wins Senatorial Election in Rivercess. “Congratulations to Senator-Elect of Rivercess County, Geevon Smith I heard the man recounts”

Factcheck: The Supreme Court of Liberia mandated NEC on February 24, to conduct a re-count of 104 out of the total of 111 polling places, as initially authorized by the Board of Commissioners of the NEC. The High Court said its decision was to ensure fairness and transparency in the voting process after Geevon-Smith’s closest rival, Steve Tequah, requested a recount of the ballots cast in 104 polling places in the country.

Though the recount in Rivercess County has been conducted in the 104 polling places the National Election Commission is yet to announce a winner.

But preliminary results show that Candidate Smith is narrowly in the lead.

Candidates                                                               Votes Obtained              Percent

Wellington Geevon Smith:                                              3,332                                   23.35%

Steve Tequah                                                                      3,289                                  23.05%

Dallas AV Gueh                                                                    2,174                                  15.24%

Gabriel Smith                                                                       2,113                                   14.82%

Verification Tool: National Election Commission Declaration of Preliminary Tally Results Senate

Verdict: Hurried On






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