Since the COVID-19 vaccine administration campaign began in Liberia there are many questions surrounding who is eligible to take the AstraZeneca vaccine, how should the vaccine be administered and what steps should be taken by nurses when injecting people with the vaccine? Liberians are concern about why nurses are vaccinating individuals without the use of medically approved gloves, nose masks and other personal protective gears.

There are varieties of pictures of high-profile Liberians trending on social media receiving the COVID-19 vaccines with those administering it using their bare hands while others do not have on masks. The posts have generated lots of mixed reactions on both social media and in the public about the way nurses are conducting themselves in administering the vaccine


What’s Coming: The nurse doesn’t have gloves either a nose mask

Lester September Urey: Doctor don’t have gloves n give vaccine madam VP

Ventica Woods: I have two questions. (1.) why is the staff administering the vaccine without gloves? (2.) why do Liberians need the vaccine 

Raham Johnson: I don’t understand why the vaccinations don’t wear gloves while injecting

Like Ma: That man you giving the vaccine to is the eye of Wee District. I don’t trust that vaccine 100%. So madam why are you not wearing a face mask and gloves?

Factcheck: Gloves are not recommended for most vaccination administration and are not required for the COVID-19 vaccine unless the person administering the vaccine is likely to come into contact with potentially infectious body fluids or has open lesions on their hands. If used improperly, gloves can increase the likelihood of spreading germs.

If gloves are worn during vaccine administration:

  • They should be changed between patients along with performing proper hand hygiene.
  • Vinyl gloves are appropriate.
  • If nitrile gloves are a limited resource, prioritize/consider appropriate uses for nitrile gloves.
  • Gloves are single-use and cannot be washed.
  • The improper aseptic technique or hand hygiene measures can increase the risk of infections in both the patient and the individual performing the vaccination.

According to the Center for Disease Control, Gloves are not required unless the person administering the vaccine is likely to come in contact with potentially infectious body fluids or has open lesions on the hands. If worn, perform hand hygiene and change gloves between patients.

TSM verification reached out to Liberia’s Public Health Specialist Dr. Mosoka Fallah, “once you are injecting someone for vaccine of an outbreak proportion it is best to wear your gloves and wear your mask”.


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