Claim: “Man can’t talk because I made you worship me like a king.” Weah

Verdict: Misleading, President George Weah did not say it.

James Goodday Flomo, a Liberian journalist who is currently studying in Poland, posted on his Facebook Page that President George M. Weah, during the political endorsement organized by the All Liberian Party (ALP), said, “Man can’t talk because I made you worship me like a king.”

The journalist’s post attracted 40 comments, 18 shares, 77 reactions, and 2.4 thousand views as of the time this researcher commenced the check.

On Sunday, October 29, 2023, ALP officially endorsed the second-term bid of Weah, the political leader of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The endorsement ceremony that was held at the ALP headquarters had in attendance the ALP’s political leader, Benoni Urey, and popular talk show host, Henry P. Costa, to support Weah in the November 14 run-off election.

Costa, the lead organizer of the most talked about June 7th ’Save the State’ protest has been a strong critic of weah since he took power.

He was supporting Joseph N. Boakai, political leader of the major opposition Unity Party  (UP) but later broke away.

During the political struggle with supporters of UP, Costa, in a live talk show expressing his disappointment in former Vice President Boakai and the supporters, was heard saying, “Man can’t talk; oh, my people, man can’t talk all.”

Costa has since been dubbed “the man who can not talk at all.”

Days after authorities of the National Elections Commission announced a runoff between UP, a party Costa once supported, and CDC, the ruling establishment he (Costa) constantly accused of corruption, human rights violations, bad governance, and disrespect for the rule of law, among other things, the talk show host has endorsed the re-election of Weah.

Weah was heard addressing Coasta as “Honourable Urey, man can not talk all, platform guests, ladies and gentlemen…” during the endorsement ceremony.

Conclusion: According to the research, even though Weah referred to Costa as a “Man Can Not Talk All,” he did not say, “Because I made you worship me like a king,” so Journalist Flomo’s claim is misleading.


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