Population map released by Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS)

Moses Nyenatoh, River Gee Election Magistrate, claimed in an interview that October 10, 2023, records the first highest number of invalid votes cast in the history of elections held in the county.

River Gee County is located in southern Liberia and is one of the 15 counties that make up the country’s first administrative division; it has six districts. The county seat is Fish Town, and the county area is 5,113 square kilometers (1,974 square miles). It had a population of 67,318 as of the 2022 Census, making it the third least populous county in Liberia.

It is bounded on the west by Sinoe County, on the north by Grand Gedeh County, and on the south by Grand Kru and Maryland counties. Along the Cavalla River, the eastern part of River Gee borders the Ivory Coast.

After receiving approval from Liberia’s House of Representatives in May 1997 and Senate approval in March 2000, the county separated from Grand Gedeh County in May 2000.


Year2005201120172020 senate2023
# of voters15,90129,40135,53115,70437,795
Invalid Votes1,5833,4832,7069016,118
  Source: National Elections Commission


Conclusion: The claim by the River Gee election magistrate is correct that the county recorded the highest number of invalid votes in the 2023 elections on October 10, 2023.


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