Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo,

When Sarah Flahn saw homes posted on the Apartment Liberia Real Estate Facebook page in November, she immediately contacted the company since she was in search of a new home.

The Company promised to provide four homes for Sarah to decide but none of the homes have been provided, even though the company contacts her to see homes from one location to another.

“They will call and ask me to go to different locations, but when I arrived, the number is either off or they won’t answer.”

She said the tactics of the company made her exhausted therefore she decided not to contact them anymore.

Sarah recalls an incident where she left her Brewerville home and came to Airfield Matadi but the agent did not pick up his call.

“That day, I was frustrated and decided that I won’t have anything to do with them, though I had paid the agent’ fees.”

Like Sarah, Tonia Soko is the most recent victim of the company’s scam, she paid $30, with the promise that she will get a home in two weeks but to date, but to no avail.

It is over a month since the receipt was given to her by the company to procure a one-bedroom apartment.

“I saw the company online and called the number, they invited me to the office, I went there and said that I wanted a one-bedroom apartment at the cost of $100 between ELWA junction -Old road and she said they could get it but they asked that I paid before I see any apartment.”

“It’s been a month now no response and I found my place and I went there today and asked for my money, they said it is non-refundable.”

Tonia said after many attempts that prove unsuccessful, she took to Facebook with the receipt.

When the receipt was posted, there were many testimonies from Facebook users of how they have been duped by the same real-estate company.

Diana Moore, is also a victim of a real estate company scam, “They ate my money too and up till now, they have not given me the place.”

Muslin Freeman wrote, “I am a victim of this, they ate my $30 free. I had to pay an additional to some other agent that got me a place. ( They are very unprofessional, the cr**zy thing about it, they will demand $30 and not even half of the money before finding the place.”

“Those fake people ate my money last year, “said Betsy Gaye, another customer that was reportedly duped by the LBR.

TSM contacted a lady identified as Karina the receptionist said she only received money only from the client and for every other transaction, she has no knowledge of it.

“I am only there to receive payment and present a contract, my duty is not there to take you to an area.”

According to her all of the customers received contracts consenting to two months to enable the company to find an apartment.

A statement that Alieu Wreh denied, “At no time I have presented a contract, the company is only interested in the US$30.”

Tonia who posted the receipt said similar compelling the company to show the contract she was given.


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