Maryland- Senior Students in Liberia have completed the sitting of the West African Senior Secondary Certificate examination in Liberia (WASSCE), but senior students in Maryland County have expressed fear of massive failure due to some of instructor’s inability to complete instructional materials linked to the examinations.

The students indicated that the teacher’s inability to complete the lessons was as a result of short time given them by the Ministry of Education to complete 2019/2020 academic semester.

Luther Karpe, student of the Pleebo High School said prior to Covid-19, some instructors failed to attend classes and only give exercises to students, though leading them to not understanding the lesson.

“I don’t really think there will be a successful pass in this test because the time given us was short and even some of our teachers did not show up to teach, we were left along to learn some subjects by ourselves,” said Luther.

He urged students to properly study via the internet as the only hope to avoid mass failure.

Another Student of the Baptist High School in Pleebo said, the sitting of the WASSEC is unsatisfactory due to poor preparation from their school’s administration and the Ministry of Education.

Sam Mappay said the exam in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic is worrisome as there was a need for Government to ensure that school were prepare before the test.

“Since Government say we should take the test we will take it, but for me I think they should have prioritize if schools and students were ready to sit the exam, this is because the time given us was so short and we didn’t complete several topics in the exam’s subjects, only God can help us now,” said Mappy.

He continues, It is difficult  for some students to understand  Mathematics, and the Sciences, but the entire semester was less than three months due to the pandemic, we only heard that school was reopening and I thought we were going to complete the lessons, few days we were told that  and in hurry we think we are finished the lessons.

That’s a complete suffering for some of us after High School we have a larger society to face which is University and the foundation to University is this stage we are on now. “Mappay stated.

He meanwhile used the occasion to cautious parents and School administrators to adequately prepare their Students at home before a day for any of the test.

Several students across Liberia has begun sitting the West African Senior Secondary School test              (WASSCE) today.

In response to the statement made by some for the Students, Maryland County Educational officer Rev. Professor Tenehdso Blodoyen said as per his observation and monitoring process his District Educational officer reported that all lessons were Completed during the two Months of Tutorial.

Blodoyen believes all Students who constantly attended the extra Classes will make a successful pass in the examinations.

“Except you didn’t complete all the lessons that were given you by the lectures that’s the only way you will fail these examinations because all lessons were taught properly from my monitoring and evaluation carry on so far.

Look some of these children are not serious about their Education and this is why they will tell people all kinds of things.”

Blodoyen meanwhile use the occasion to call on 12 graders to at least make research throughout the period of the examinations.

For his part the Chief Executive Officer of Peace Engagement and Alternative Empowerment (PEACE) Liberia differ with the County Educational   Officer response.

Morlue stated that the Government needs to be serious in providing quality Education to young Liberians who are destined to become feature leaders.

“I think this Government and all other Governments that will follow need to pay key attention to the Educational sector   because the lack of qualify teachers in other High   I think will lead to Massive failure in the upcoming Examinations.”

He indicated that there is a need for those 12graders   sitting the test to remain focus in doing extra research as a means of added advantage.


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