Chart: The Stage Media Source: Ministry of Finance Development Planning

Twelve Ministries and Agencies are to spend between them, a sum of US$499,159,366  (four hundred ninety-nine million one hundred fifty-nine thousand three hundred sixty-six) on capital expenditure.

These Ministries and Agencies will spend 6% of the total capital expenditure of 786 million in the proposed 2022 budget.

The Ministry of Finance Development Planning allocation of US$159,073,339 million which is 39% of the total of the top highest Ministries and Agencies.

In 2021, the Ministry had US$82,303,241 and in 2022 an increment of US$76,770,098 is projected.

The Ministry of health in 2021 budget was US$31,613,423 and the 2022 budget projection is US$66,050,942 which shows an additional projection of US$34,437,519.



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