Underwear with Pastor's image

Claim: A pastor in Nigeria is now giving out anointed pants.

Full Text: A Facebook page named Liberia Eye claim that a pastor in Nigeria is now giving out anointed pants. “Wear it and attract your future man and jobs,” he said Are u getting one?? 😂.

The post has over 14 shares in Discussing Liberia, Shaking Table Association and the Costa Show among others.

The image with photoshopped bras and pants, emblazoned with the pastor’s photo, was also shared on the popular Nigerian social media platform, Naijapals.

Single ladies seeking for a life partner in 2020 in the Touch for Recovery Outreach Int’l, Abuja are instructed to get one as the Senior Pastor claims it is blessed according to the instruction from God.

Besides attracting men for marriages, underwear is said to also help women with related diseases and give them good luck with men.

Verification: When the image was shared, TSM used reverse image search Tineye and Bing established that the image was firstly published in Jan 2020 by LailasNews and Nsemwokrom.

This story is re-published in March 2021 by Naijareloaded.

A Google search links us to PMNews story where the pastor debunked the claim.

A statement published on the PMNews website states that Pastor Shedrach Abang who issued a disclaimer on behalf of the church, Touch for Recovery Outreach International, on 21 January, said the report was concocted and dismissed it as false.

“As a church, we do not take this report as just blackmail, but a calculated plan to steal, kill and destroy”.

The Stage Media used ScamDoc to establish if the website can be trusted and PMNews analysis is 94 percent.

Sunrise News Nigeria also published the same story and ScamDoc analysis revealed the website as 76 percent.

Customized Gifts and Wheretoget.It are producing under-wears with names and images of everybody.

Conclusion: It is Misleading, the viral photo of a Nigerian Clergy anointing women’s pants, bras.


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