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There were claims and counterclaims on the Monday’s (March 1, 2021) edition of the OK Morning Rush hosted by Clarence Jackson over which political party has commanded popularity in the Southeast of Liberia during the 2005 and 2011 elections between the former ruling Unity Party (UP) and Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) now Coalition for Democratic Change.

The sources of the discussion were the host of the morning show, Clarence Jackson, Movement for Economic Empowerment stalwart Dan Saryee and Unity Party Secretary-General Mo Ali.

Mo Ali’s Claim: “You (Clarence) made a statement that I like to correct quickly, you said the CDC has always won the South Eastern Counties in Presidential elections. That’s not true; Just 2011 Unity Party won Sinoe, Maryland and River Gee. Even in 2005, the CDC did not win all the southeastern counties.”

Factcheck: The CDC and the Unity Party are the two top parties that won the most votes in 2005 and 2011 that led to two run-off elections in order to determine a winner after both parties failed to obtain the required 50 plus 1% votes needed to win an election.

2005 election results between Unity Party and CDC: 

Grand Gedeh County:

Unity Party ———————————-800 (3.6%)

Congress for Democratic Change——21,670 (96.4%)

Grand Kru County:

Unity Party———————————–2,093 (21.7%)

Congress for Democratic Change——7,562 (78.3%)

Maryland County:

Unity Party———————————–11,647 (55.1%)

Congress for Democratic Change——9,480 (44.9%)

River Gee County:

Unity Party————————————2,826 (31.0%)

Congress for Democratic Change——-6,297 (69.0%)

Sinoe County:

Unity Party————————————1,990 (13.6%)

Congress for Democratic Change——-12,652 (86.4%)

Verdict: TRUE, the Congress for Democratic Change did not win all of the South-eastern counties in 2005, but won four out of the five counties in the South East with exception of Maryland County.

2011 elections results between Unity Part and CDC:

 Grand Gedeh County:

Unity Party ———————————-13,795 (83.67%)

Congress for Democratic Change——2,692 (16.33%)

Grand Kru County:

Unity Party———————————–14,218 (90.57%)

Congress for Democratic Change——1,490 (9.43%)

Maryland County:

Unity Party———————————–12,141 (80.52%)

Congress for Democratic Change——2,937 (19.48)

River Gee County:

Unity Party————————————8,492 (83.64%)

Congress for Democratic Change——-1,661 (16.36%)

Sinoe County:

Unity Party————————————10,056 (81.14%)

Congress for Democratic Change——-2,337 (18.86%)

Verdict: Understated, the Unity Party in 2011 won all five counties in the South-east instead of three as stated by UP secretary, Mo Ali.


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