Claim: Police headquarters in Zwedru on fire; business looted; vehicles destroyed.

A journalist of GTV, Trokon Freeman posted on his Facebook Page that Police headquarters in Zwedru is on fire; business looted; vehicles destroyed.

The claim is True

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The incident in the county begun tense Tuesday morning after a Fula businessman was accused of killing a Correction officer.

The Stage Media verification established that the businessman hit an officer of the Bureau of Correction and Rehabilitation (BCR).

The deceased BCR officer had gone to purchase water from the businessman, but the businessman said he had no change for the money given by the correction officer.

At that time, the officer took another water with the hope that the businessman will have pieces, but a tussle ensued and the correction officer got wounded.

Upon that, the correction officer was taken to a health facility but was pronounced dead.

Police previously arrested the Fula businessman when the incident occurred but was later free.

But when the correction officer was pronounced dead, residents demanded that the police re-arrest the businessman and turn him over to them, threatening to burn the police station.

The refusal of the police to turn over the alleged suspect resulted in the tense situation in Zwedru city.

TSM found out that the Armed Forces of Liberia are taking control of the situation.


The claim is True


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