In recent times, the University of Liberia has
been criticized for awarding Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee Cum Laude as
he graduates from the state run- university.

A policy obtained by The Stage Media titled “A
change of the grade process and its effect on students.

The policy previously requested students to resolve
deficiency in NG, DR, and AB within two semesters and failure to remove the
deficiency automatically becomes F.

Page 19 section 8 VIII of the student handbook
says grade D is unsatisfactory and no re-examination should be done.

But the policy took a turn in 2018 that says instructor
can get the required appropriate  form from
the college dean and fill it and onward submit the document to the chairperson of
the department for vetting and approval.

It is the responsibility of the chairperson
of the department to sign the document and send it to the dean of college for
additional vetting and approval.

“Additionally, it is the college responsibility
to turn over the sign and approved change of grade forms to the office of enrollment
services with no participation by students of the University.”

With this, it says that a graduating student
can get a change of grade in any deficiency with no specific limitation as
stated in the previous policy.

The request in the change of policy was
presented on November 8, 20218 by Dr. Julius S. Nelson now president of the
state run- university, then Vice President 
Dean of student Affairs.

The policy was presented to the chairperson and
members of the faculty senate University of Liberia Dr. William Allen.

According to Dr. Nelson petition in 2018,  over 40 prospective graduates were on hold
because of the change of grade not done in the designated period.

“The prospective graduates mentioned  above cannot be clear for graduation 2018 because
of the above situation that comes directly or indirectly from a representative
of the institution (Lecturer/ Department or College),”

Dr. Nelson requested faculty to consider the
situation of 40 students after the necessary clarity that will be provided by chairperson
and dean of the specify college.

“For the 2018 to ensure that the students are
not held responsible for the action of our representatives in a general way.”

Dr. Nelson requested that new policy is
included in the revised student handbook, students, lecturers, chairperson, deans
 adding that faculty members follow the appropriate
process and timely schedule as prescribed by our rules and regulations.

The new policy is the document that
undermines academic excellence at the University of Liberia that will enable
any student to an academic award.

Dr. Grace Dahn, an Education expert says the
policy damages the status of the university.

“The policy undermines the country’s
education policy, no university should sign-up for what the University of
Liberia has done.”

On March 16, The University of Liberia said an
investigative panel was set up  and
Mayor Koijee cannot be denied
or stopped from participating in the 102nd Commencement Convocation exercises.



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