Claim: A  WhatsApp message claims that Qatar  Airway is Presenting Gifts to Celebrate its
30th Anniversary.

Beware, the claim is False


Full Text 

The message states that in commemoration of Qatar Airway’s
30th Anniversary, the airline is giving gifts through a questionnaire,
participants will have a chance to get 40000 dollars.


The questionnaire is open to all
nationals who wish to win the amount stated above.


So far, the questionnaires have been
answered by 103 people and has been shared over a hundred times.



First, The Stage Media examined the
WhatsApp Message dubbed “Qatar Airways 30th Anniversary Flight Gift! Through
the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get 40000 dollars.


Qatar Airways is the national airline
of the State of Qatar and one of the aviation industry’s big success stories. 


The airways Operations
began in 1994 when the airline was a small regional carrier serving a handful
of routes


According to Wikipedia, the airways as established on November 22, 1993
(1993-11-22); operations started on January 20, 1994 (1994-01-20). 


The Yandex reverse image search linked the photo when
Qatar Airways celebrated the launch of its new offices in Amman, Jordan. The Qatar
 published the
same article.


Tineye reverse search shows that Al-qud Al-Arabi
published a similar story on September 10, 2019.


Verifying further Scam Doc analysis of Qatar Anniversary gift website
shows 16 percent, “Bad trust score, you should be wary”



Reverse Image search and Scam Doc
analysis reveal that this message must not be trusted.

With this, It is safe to conclude that
the social media message is intended to mislead users to continuously
share it.


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