Sen. Prince Johnson
Sen. Prince Johnson

By: Trokon Wrepue, [email protected]

Claim: “We are also going to Karnplay, other projects are there. Hon Jeremiah Koung, the first-time history since God brought Nimba County and put it down here there has been no hospital in Karnplay, no maternity hospital nothing. But he broke ground. He has started the building already in Karnplay for the only hospital. President George Weah is going now to dedicate that multi-thousands of dollars project.”

Source: Senator Prince Johnson speaking at President George Weah County Tour in Nimba County- Citizens engagement.

Factcheck: TSM verification shows that the claim by Nimba County ‘Political God-father’ is False.

Karnplay City has a health center, including a maternal waiting home, staff quarters, a center for prenatal care, a youth-friendly center and a district office. In June of 2018, Health Minister Wilhelmina Jallah dedicated a modernized structure of the same facility (Karnplay Health Center) in Nimba County.

Verdict: False


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