By: Trokon Wrepue – [email protected] 

On March 4, 2019, Korninga “B”, an authorized forest community, signed a logging contract with Singaporean-Indian logging company Indo Africa Plantation Liberia Incorporated to carry on logging in the forest located in Gbarpolu County.

Following the agreement, the company received 31,818-hectare of forest in the Bopolu and Bokomu Districts.

In the agreement, Indo Africa Plantation Liberia Incorporated
committed itself to make an annual contribution of US$ 30,000 for scholarships, US$ 25,000 for medical support, annual road maintenance among several other things. 

But after nearly three years since the agreement was signed between the
Singaporean-Indian logging company Indo Africa Plantation Liberia Incorporated and the Korninga “B” Forest Community, many in the affected concession area have complained that the foreign logging company has not done much as promised.

The Stage Media has gathered that the Korninga “B” Community Forest has filed a lawsuit against the company for its alleged failure to deliver on its portion of the agreement that was reached in 2019

 Aaron Mulbah is the Chief Officer of the Korninga “B” Community Forest told a local radio show that since 2019 the company has deliberately refused to implement most of what was agreed on before beginning its operations.

“Since 2019 March 4th when Korninga “B” Community Forest signed that agreement with Indo Africa they have not done anything for the affected community. We have been engaging them with lots of letters and other stakeholders but since then they are yet to do anything for the community. We will ensure they turn our forest over to us!!”
Aaron said.

Mr. Mulbah mentioned that the company since its operation began it is yet to pay any land rental fee to the community in which it is carrying on the logging

“They are yet to pay any land rental fees to the community, they promised
scholarships, medical and several others but the company is yet to deliver
since 2019.” 

“We are seeing them hauling their machines to Bopolu City. The manager of the company even told our lawyer to take the matter out of court so we can settle it on the roundtable but I told them for a very long time they have refused to have a dialogue with us. 

Now the matter is before the court let the court takes its final decision.” He noted.” He said. 

“Based on what the company has done to the community over the year, the people of Korninga “B” Community Forest have decided that the company should turn over their forest and the leave the region.” 

According to him, it is a pity for a logging company like Indo Africa to be carrying on logging activities while at the same time refusing to live up to the promises and agreements reached with the community.

Mulbah vowed to ensure Indo Africa live up to the community expectations and fully implement what is enshrined in the social agreement it signed with the Korninga “B” Community Forest. 

Indo Africa Management

The Management of Indo Africa Plantation Liberia Incorporated has not responded to calls and WhatsApp messages placed to him for responding to the many allegations raised by the Korninga “B” Forest Community in Gbarpolu County. 

The Stage Media particularly placed calls and text messages to the Chief Executive Officer of Indo Africa Plantation Liberia Incorporated but he is yet to

He has read one of the WhatsApp messages but shows no sign of
responding to the messages.  

Copy of Text Messages“Good morning Sir. I am Trokon Wrepue and I work for
The Stage Media. There is a lawsuit against your company Indo Africa Plantation
Liberia Incorporated by the community in which your company operates. They have
claimed that your company has failed to live up to promises you made to them.
They claimed that you promised to build a hospital, school and provide
scholarships for the affected community but you have allegedly failed to do so.
We are doing an article for publication and need your response to the
allegations raised by the community Sir. Thanks, Sir”.  




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