1. Tuk: One big schoo curh  Unovorsity of Oslo geh free  leninn or schola shay for 2022 enh 2023

Decision: da na true

De hoh Messay: de messay runnin on intorneh on ceh fone call WhatsApp say de gormen in one countray de call Norway de one pouh de sholar shay down. De tellin to press bortin on de fone enh den you fullor one form. Den now dey starh chargin you money becorh you wonh go to Norway for dis kanah free lennin.

Chekin for de true.

No storay  on de peepo reeyeh intorneh paych abouh son-thing lek dah.

Dis particlah intorneh paych dese peepo den usin, TSM fini fynin ouh da in Nigeria dese cro-cro-gee men den openay in 2021.

De peepo reeyeh intorneh paych weh dey corh website, dis one WHOIS, da November 15, 1999 ay wor open

StudyGreen, da one ollor intorneh paych or website. Plentay peepo trus-ay. Dey say de Unovosity of Oslo de las tam dey poh scholar-shay up da wor March 16 2021.

 Fynah Conclusion: Watch ouh, the WhatsApp Messay tukin say Oslo poutin scholar-shay for student fron eryweh, da Lyh  ehn a big trick.

Read the Standard Version Here Beware, the Website Promising Scholarships at the University of Oslo is a Scam!

2. De pichor for Rihanna hollin one baby, ay oh, enh na her own baby seh.

Tuk: Thenk you to Rihanna enh ASAP for a bouncin baby borh

decision: Lyh, dese pichor den, dey fron June 2014 enh show de star wayh her niece, Majesty (sister or brollor dorter), na her ownseh charh.

De hoh Meaasy: Two wretin on intorneh showin Rihanna hollin her new baby. 

Dese two pichor den da news group corh  Wow News Media and Reality-Online-TV  pou-lay up enh say de  singer enh bissnay woman geh her fueh baby. Dis paticlah storay wor all ovah intorneh plentay tam. 

Dey tayh da two pichor on May  19.

Fynin de true: TSM chek enh fyn ouh da de pichor den stay-long.

Dah wor Rihanna seh fueh pouh de pichor up on her faebook: Majesty x Aunty OhNaNa,”

She enh her mehn na tuk natin yeah abouh eny baby.

Read the Standard version here:

3. Tuk: One ooh number 2 Minister Eugenefahngon de ollor day tuksay de leedah forh de partay curh Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) da he de big pursin naunh forh Liberia grou, Liberia council of churches (LCC).”

Decision:  da na true

 Fyynin ouh de true: The Stage Media contah Rev. Samuel Reeves, who hay frien den jes mayk him president forh de Libeeria churh grou, enh he tuksay he lee da politica partay fron voting fini in 2017. 

Read the Standard Version here

4. Fa-Chek: President Weah say he geh farm

Tuk: de ollor Preisent George weah tuk say he geh farm in Sinoe.

He tuk dis one when one news grou curh Liberia Media for Development Initiatives tuk wyh him.

decision: No. Dis one na correh

fynin ouh de true: TSM contah son peepo in Sinoe, de Superintendent among dem. Burh dey na ansahn.

Read the standard Version here

5. No. Ghana na mayk uniforn forh teechors

Tuk: one Libeeria news grou curh  Liberian Influence puh-lay down say Ghana bring ubiforn forh teechors.

Decision: De Ghana lennin House deena dis storay here. Dey say de storay here sombally pouh-lay on de intorheh, enh da big lyh.

Fynin ouh de true: TSM chek enh see da de storay da one news grou curh   Opera News fueh wret dis one April 10

Enyway news say da wor one small grou of teechers den in Ahafo Ano North District who try to do-aye. 

Read the standard version here

Listen to the round-up of checks

Produced by Sayor Wahtorson


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